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Our Company

KOMET Our company has been founded in 1977, and is being activated in the field of cotton ginning factories maintenance. More specific, manufactures and supplies a full range of cotton gin and delinting machinery spare parts. ΚΟΜΕΤ can also supply new or used cotton ginning machines.
Based on many years of experience, ΚΟΜΕΤ has developed high quality products, which are manufactured by highest quality European origin raw materials, utilizing modern machinery equipment.

During the past ten years we have modernized our production line by acquiring three brand new CNC machines.

Our highly skilled personnel coupled with scrupulous quality controls in all sections of the production process, leads to products of admittedly high standards.

Furthermore ουr product line includes the following :

      1. Cotton Gin Saws
      2. Delinting Saws
      3. Channel Saws
      4. Saws Spacers
      5. Ginning Ribs
      6. Delinting Ribs
      7. Gin Saws Shafts
      8. Ginning Brushes

In present time, ΚΟΜΕΤ is able to supply a wide range of machinery for cotton ginning mills, in used or new condition.
The continuous improvement efforts, of the management and personnel, has established ΚΟΜΕΤ as the most reliable and cost efficient manufacturer worldwide.

ΚΟΜΕΤ is exporting export its products in different cotton productive countries.
We remain at your disposal for any further information you may require, and will be delighted to send you brochures and samples of ουr production.